Ford's Mach-E is stylish but not a Tesla, sure, maybe a Mustang rival

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The new Ford Mach-E has an impressive look, crossover styling and impressive numbers, but it's not a Mustang by any means, which is confusing why Ford would use the iconic Logo. However, at first glance, it may sen a bit Tesla'ish but it's definitely not that either.

Ford has entered the market of electric vehicles to compete with the mid-sized luxury brands in a unique way. It is offered in 4 body styles which the entry point at at about $44,000 and reaching a high of $62,000 for the GT being released later this year. The Premium is well equipped and likely the choice for many, at a price of about $55,000 offering 346 HP with 428 lb-ft of torque and is drivable on a single charge to approx. 250-260 miles. Really impressive right? It gets better... with the latest in advanced technology, including Ford’s next-generation SYNC 4A infotainment operating system and a 15.5-inch touchscreen, this thing rocks. It supports all the standard features we have become accustomed to; swipe, pinch to zoom, touch, etc. Feel right at home, it even offers over the air updates so you a constantly in tune with new features.

The Ford Mach-E has allot to offer when it comes to features, it is a rear-wheel drive system, but available in all-wheel-drive configurations, with standard-range (66kWh usable capacity) or extended-range (88 kWh usable capacity) lithium-ion batteries. Range estimates are 211 miles up to 305 miles, depending on the vehicle configuration, according to Ford. For those music enthusiast, the car comes standard with a Bang & Olufsen 10-speaker audio system for the Premium model, LED headlights, power folding mirrors and a range of many options, you can find all the details directly on Ford's website.

To conclude, this is definitely a show stopper, the industry is making big bets on electric cars, just wonder why it took so long since Tesla has been around for many years successfully, makes you think. Still glad to see this shift, I personally would purchase one of these as it is much more affordable than a Tesla, but I'm not sure I would call it a Mustang.

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